First School. Time to spread awareness….

Written by Zoe Santoro on . Posted in Blog

The first school that we went to, to share our project was Ocean view Preschool. They were so gracious to let us into their school and share with this project with the kids. We started this meeting by introducing ourselves to the children, and letting them pet Jack Jack. To which none of the kids had a problem with, and all seemed to be excited with the idea of petting him. Then we moved on to talking to the kids and getting them warmed up to us and the dog. Which is the most important step because without having them share and talk, it would defeat the purpose of us trying to reach out to them. As well as we would not have their full attention because they would feel awkward with three random teenagers talking to them. After they were warmed up with our presence and the dogs presence we moved on to ask them how many of you have ever been sad before, and every kid including the teaches raised their hands. Mind you we were talking to 4, 5, and 6 year old kids and they grasped the emotion of sad. While some of these kids were dealing with being sad over not getting the toy they wanted, others were dealing with being sad over being bullied or losing someone to death. It was eye opening as our first visit and shocking to say the least. We then moved on to our next question which was “How many of you felt happy when Jack Jack entered the room?”. And there every hand was raised once again, which was heart warming and amazing because we felt like we were really close to reaching our goal which was making these kiddos happy. We closed our group session with them by reading the book and telling them that there is always someone there for you when you are feeling down, as well as it is okay to talk about your feelings. We left them our book, and told them that in the back it was free for them to draw, write, and create their own story. Which the kids were ecstatic to the idea, and once we left the kids waved by to us and Jack Jack. That was the first experience we had and definitely not our last.

Author: Zoe Santoro