Second. Awareness has begun…

Written by Zoe Santoro on . Posted in Blog

We visited our second school, The Pines Christian School, and we learned quite a bit from them. This time we were dealing with 1st graders, and they were a bit more rowdy than the preschoolers were. But it wasn’t anything we couldn’t handle, as well as we enjoyed this experience because we appreciated the individuality of each class we visited. This time around it was the same routine as when we went to our first school, and we got the same responses, which is good because it indicates that something is happening. But to not bore you with another article the same as the first, I will explain why we do what we do. We go to classes with an emotional support animal, and the book that we wrote to help raise awareness for depression in kids. We decided to do this as our senior project because we came across an article that stated “children ages 3 to 6 are being diagnosed with chronic depression”, and this research was done on a classroom environment. My group and I decided that something needed to change, there had to be some sort of hope in their little growing minds. So we came up with a book that has a story about how Jack Jack became an emotional support animal, but in a way that interests the kids. And we visited the classrooms and read them the book as well as brought Jack Jack with us for the kids to pet. Because bringing a dog into an environment where the kids may be sad increases serotonin levels, which then increases happiness for the kids if they were already sad. And if they weren’t already sad it still cheers them up. We hope that with each classroom we visit we leave a lasting impression, and give the kids something to think about when they’re sad.

Author: Zoe Santoro