Jack Jack

Once upon a time there was a dog named Jack Jack. He had a very big heart and he was known to be the kindest dog, so kind that he couldn’t even hurt a fly.

One day Jack Jack decided that it was time to help others. So Jack Jack went on a journey to become the superhero dog that he was meant to be. But in order to do so, he had to complete his superhero training.

Jack Jack was already a smart dog but he needed a little more experience before he could become the all mighty superhero he’s always wanted to be. There was one thing that he needed before he could start his mission. He needed a badge to prove he is a superhero and that he was willing to help others.

He started his adventure by going to the Superhero Academy. Here he had to do a lot of training. But like every superhero, he pushed on and never gave up.

There were times where Jack Jack felt like he couldn’t work anymore. So Jack Jack approached his trainer who said, “Carry on Jack Jack because there are kids out there that need your help.” So he got up and
kept on going even through the “ruff” times.

Jack Jack was so close to finishing his training and earning his badge. Which made Jack Jack so excited
that he couldn’t stop smiling. He was so close to reaching his goal in helping kids.

After weeks of hard work, Jack Jack was awarded his superhero badge. He wore it with pride and honor. He was also given a red cape to show he was willing to help anyone no matter what the case may be. Jack Jack was unbelievably excited to wear his badge and his special red cape.

He stumbled upon his first mission by seeing a little girl crying on the sidewalk. So he used his superhero powers to make her smile, just like Jack Jack was smiling when he earned his badge.

Jack Jack sat by the girl while she was sad, which helped her mood change from sad to happy. Jack Jack was finally the superhero he wanted to be by fulfilling his wish to make others happy. From here on, Jack Jack lived his days helping those in need.